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Beauty Elite Products

Organic Glow up Face Moisturiser Optimum Hydration and Nourishing Moisturiser with Lactic Acid

  • 100 ml
  • Helps removes skin marks
  • Keeps you looking young fresh and flawless
  • Combats first signs of ageing
  • Helps balance skin ph
  • Helps brighten the skin
  • Helps with break out.

Wholly Hydration Facial Mist. All Skin Type 120 ml


A refreshing facial spritz with dragon Blood extract for skin soothing and conditioning.

  • Helps balance skin ph
  • Gives extra hydration
  • Acts as anti-oxidant for the skin
  • Can use to spray on top of your make up to give you that nice glow
  • This hydrating spray can be use anytime anywhere
  • Helps combat first signs of ageing

Super Reparative Gentle Foaming Cleanser. All Skin Type 120 ml

  • Gentle for the skin
  • Makes your skin squeaky clean
  • Removes dirt and make up without drying out the skin
  • You don't need a lot of this cleanser to use
  • Contains Lactic acid to remove excess dead skin cells giving your skin a smooth glossy finish
  • Helps with break out
  • Helps balance skin ph
  • Unisex
  • Non-Drying

How to Use: A mild surfactant-based cleanser with a pearlescent shine for a gentle soapy cleanse. Enriched with Dragons Blood extract

Directions: Pump a small amount of the cleanser into the palm of your hand and add a little water while rubbing the hands together to gently warm it before massaging in into the skin avoiding the eye area. Rinse well and Pat Dry

Have More C
20% Active Vit C


This serum is about 90% pure Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and generally decreases with age. In the skin it exists in the epidermis and keeps the skin hydrated and supple due to its high water retention ability. As we age our production naturally decreases and we begin to notice alterations in our skin such as wrinkling or dry skin. Our hyaluronic acid serum would be beneficial for mature or dry skin to help restore smoothness and elasticity the skin.This on it's own is a very powerful hydrating serum that can be use all over your face neck and décolletage. Combine this with our 20% Vit C powder and you have yourself a very powerful Vit C serum.

How to use: You can use the serum on it's own for extra Hydration. If combined with our Vit C powder then pour all the powder in the 30 ml serum shake it well and leave it to dissolve before application. Apply the serum by massaging it in generously on the face, underneath the eyes neck and décolletage. Avoid applying this on the eyebrows, lashes and in your eyes.


We offer a range of beauty packages for both him and her so that you can feel confident in your own skin. A custom skincare or pampering session designed to fit your specific needs not only gives fantastic results, will ensure that you feel as great as you look!

About us

Beauty Elite was founded in 2012 in a small shop front first as a sole trader and built up our client based to the point where we decided to make it into a home salon instead of a shop front to provide the best services where clients can trust and recommend to their friends as we value your time upon seeing us for all your beauty services .Our team are forever looking to learn to upgrade our skills to what is "trending" right now so you don't have to look no further in searching for the best possible beauty services there is to offer out there. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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  • "I have been a royal customer of Jacque for 5 years, and I can say she’s does the best IPL (hair removals). Always friendly and reliable! Really takes passion in work!"

    Michael Saunders

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